Sepehr Yasini


This project was designed for twin brothers, it has been designed in 500 sqm on a land but the client wanted the largest yard . They also wanted a sitting area in the yard, two parking space, a barbecue, a sunbath terrace, a private terrace with a view to the backyard and roof garden but the total mass area of the villa must not exceed more than 200 sqm and 100 sqm on each level.


  • Minimum 2 parking lots
  • 200 sqm Villa with 100 sqm each level
  • 3 bedrooms ( 1 for guests and 2 for residents)
  • A Sunbath terrace
  • A covered porch
  • Roof garden
  • The largest yard as they can have




  • Providing many different levels to have greater view
  • The villa is designed in the path of north-south windflaw to absorb the most volume of fresh air
  • Paying attention to resident’s vertical circulations (stair’s location and form)
  • Locating sunbath terrace in front of the building and face to the sunlight direction
  • Defining the entrance by using sunbath terrace
  • Enlarging the yard by using suspended inner-stairs and add the underneath space to the yard
  • Using the roof of the inner stairs as an outdoor-stairs to the roof
  • Adding a fountain under the inner-stairs to use it as a mirror in order to make the yard look enlarged
  • Using large and full-sized windows to have a greater view and absorb more light


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