Sepehr Yasini

About Me


Architect & Project Manager

I am Sepehr Yasini .I was raised in a family who all worked in the construction industry. My father was one of the most prominent builders in this field in Mazandaran province. Consequently, I developed an interest in the construction industry as a child. While growing up I realized there was no proper field for me except Architecture because of the desire for innovation. I have the ability to analyze situations and make logical decisions under tension. I am an extrovert with excellent team-work skills Moreover capable of managing a crew. Not only I’m a good listener, but also i can figure out people’s requirements and analyze their needs. I’m eager to learn and take on new experiences. This professional background enabled self-confidence allowing strong connections as well as public relations with others and taught me to be responsible for my decisions. Accordingly, the mentioned induced passion for my life-time career while striving and satisfaction come hand in hand.


Won the Honorable mentioned prize in 2ACAA – 2022 (2A Continental Architectural Awards).
Abiyaneh’s Expansion Project accepted by the Abianeh’s Council.
First prize in sketch designing competition among the whole Mazandaran Province Universities.
First prize in form competition among the whole Art and Architectural Faculty of
university of Mazandaran.



Graduated with a Master of Architectural Engineering of Architecture and Urban Planning Faculty of Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran (Tehran, Tehran) Graduated with GPA of 18.5.


Graduated with a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering at Art and Design Faculty of University of Mazandaran (Babolsar, Mazandaran).
Top Ranked in the class between 2009 – 2013 with GPA of 17.18.
Invited to study at Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran (number 2 in Iran in Architecture) in 2 fields simultaneously (Architecture & Project Management) as a exceptional student without even taking the national entrance examination which is necessary to be accepted in master.


Graduated from Shahid Beheshti High School (the national organization for development of exceptional talents) (Sari, Mazandaran).
Graduated with a GPA of 17.81.



Established my own office (Sepehr Yasini Architectural Firm (SYarchfirm)
Started designing residential and non-residential projects in all sizes, such as designing the whole project, interior, facade designing and sketching renovation plans. Started building middle-sized projects as and on my own.


Graduate architect in Brandrick architects Company in Australia .Consultant at Ariyo Beton Negin Mazan.
Consulted to invest on profitable, suitable and up to dated projects.


Project manager at Farous Sazeh Shomal
Managed medium scale projects, coordinated engineers and contractors and also supervised and inspected the related standards, qualities and the timing process. I also suggested some methods to reduce the expenses and increase the quality simultaneously.


Project manager and lead Architect at Coup Telar Sazeh.
Managed medium scale projects, formed relationships and coordinated design decisions with consultants, engineers and contractors. Worked in residential and non-residential projects as a supervisor and project manager to check the quality, cost and timetable.


Senior and lead Architect at Sarmaye Gozari Maskan Company.
Focused on residential and non-residential large scale projects.
Chief designer in charge of the architecture department while working closely with the interior office also communicated


Worked as a junior architect at Ara System ( Tehran, Tehran).
Teleworked as a middle-sized project developer and coordinator between structural, mechanical, electrical engineers with lead architects.
Supervised and checked projects, designed middle-sized projects.


Completed the apprenticeship in (Babolsar, Mazandaran)
Worked as a presentational-renders creator of projects, draughtsman, small project developer and investigated new affordable materials and techniques for the construction industry.