Sepehr Yasini


THE NEW OLD / targeted Rural Development
Model Of Abyaneh Design Statement

We have designed this project on a one hectare land area with 72 residential units and the vicinity of Abyaneh village. We selected the project site among many zones that the municipality and the ” UNESCO Organization” had selected and offered, with accessibility to urban facilities. The project has been designed without any manipulation of Abyane's skyline and its view. The Abyaneh village is faced with three main problems. The first one is the massive density. The second one is the divergence between old Abyaneh’s buildings and modern culture and demands. The third one is the lack of permanent residency. on the other hand, Abyaneh has special contextual characteristics such as apart mental life neighborhood base structure, security, privacy, stepped buildings, and east-west elongation, which should attend to them as well as other main contextual features like environmental issues. Moreover, to keep New-Abyaneh alive, we used the advantages of the tourism industry in the project and created job opportunities. All these changes must be done just by attempting to conservation of the old Abyaneh context to make a good pattern. As a result of the lack of job opportunities, youths decided to migrate from the village. This phenomenon caused an increase in the average rate of villagers' age.

Won the Honorable mentioned prize in 2ACAA – 2022 (2A Continental Architectural Awards).
Abiyaneh’s Expansion Project accepted by the Abianeh’s Council.


Survey Of The Context


Site Plan

Plans of Block A



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