Sepehr Yasini


The project had been built when the client referred to us to design the elevation and landscape, the inside of the project got renovated so there was a limitation which we couldn’t change any opening and also wecouldn’t provide any negative spaces. The main elevation was covered by dark bricks and there was no cover for the drainage pipes which were installed on the facade. The project was located in one of the high level zones in Sari city. The client wanted to renovate the elevation and also build the landscape.


  • A modern design
  • Having no manipulation in interior design
  • Low cost renovation



  • Defining the entrance by providing a new additional structure in front of the building
  • Adding some positive masses in order to make corners sharp and hide pipes which were located on the facade
  • Using modern elements to make the elevation more acceptable
  • Using white cover color to reduce the renovation expenses
  • Adding wooden decorative ceiling covers to make the elevation warmer and make it suitable for the residential usage purpose


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