Sepehr Yasini


Children-clinic is a place where parents take their children there when they are sick or feel unhealthy. Most of the children like to come and go, as a result of this fact I decided to combine the park (which is a public area beside the clinic).
Every clinic has two separated zones one is the public helthcare and the other is specialized healthcare. The clinic needed to be separated into two parts.After that we payed more attention to aanounce the project to people. we decided to help pedestriants by allowing them a faster passage route by using the roof as a bridge which comes to the park and then to the subway station. As a result, we will see more people pass over the roof of clinic.On the other hand we tried to provid a variety of intertainment facilities in the project’s zone. Colorful glass has been used in this design to make the atmosphere more joyful while light pass through it.






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