Sepehr Yasini


The project was located in a place which has the greatest view to the Sari city. The client
wanted to expand the building from a side and also renovate the whole building. He wanted
to have 3 bedrooms and a great terrace and a vast living room. Because of the age of the building and the carrier walls that it had we couldn’t change the main structure but it was manageable.


  • Having an expansion from a side
  • A great terrace to the view
  • A vast living room
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Modern facade


  • Using an inner void to make a double height space to bring a great atmosphere in the building
  • Defining an entrance
  • Using a new method of bricks laying and also providing new brick type to make the elevation more dynamic in a day time
  • Using previous windows as inner openings and connector elements
  • To hide the side of the stair, a double height structure has been provided with a double height window which were faced to the best view
  • Using a void beside the double height window would bring a potential to widen the sight to the view


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