Sepehr Yasini


The structure of the project had been built when the client came and wanted us to design a facade for his
project. The project was located on the main and the most critical boulevards in Sari (the capital of Mazandaran province). It was10 meters width and 12 levels height. The function of the project was official but it had a huge store underneath.

Problems and demands

  • The proportion between the width and the height
  • The store which was located on the ground floor
  • The project had a 3.5m step forwarding on its land and we had to cover it
  • Needing outdoor signs for the store and the whole building



  • using a concept which is “starting from the ground to reach the sky” because of its height
  • lightening the project by using step backs in upper levels
  • lightening the volume of the whole building by using more glass in upper levels than the lower ones
  • lightening the project by changing the color gradually from grey to white brick from bottom to top levels
  • using a great and effective skyline to divide the whole project from the sky
  • defining and dividing the entrance of the store and the entrance of official levels by using different-colored iron profiles.


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