Sepehr Yasini


The project has been designed in a 126 sqm land with 8.5 meter width and 15 m length in a touristic city called Farahabad in Iran. The client wanted to sell the villa immediatly after he can after being constructed, so it needed to have 2 parking spaces, a great sitting room with abundant of natural light, 3 bedrooms and a private terrace but all in a small villa. This made the designing challenging.


  • The width of the land
  • A great deal of different spaces in the villa
  • Needing 2 parking spaces lots beside each other
  • 3 bedrooms
  • A private terrace




In order to respond to the demands the design needed 2 parking spaces beside each other, but after locating parking spaces the remaining width was used for the main entrance zone. To penetrate light into the project, one of those two parking spaces has been designed roofless. On the other hand, the pool had to be allocated beside the sitting room. The client wanted to have a private terrace which has been located on the first floor separated with a divider wall from side neighbor. The terrace has been stepped back to penetrate light into the house.


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