Sepehr Yasini


The structure of this project was constructed but the
owner decided to redesign the whole project.


  • An eye catching facade
  • Functional architectural plan
  • Paying attention to mechanical systems


  • The structure had been built
  • 10 m land width
  • 40 m projects height
  • Bad proportion between height and width
  • The final level had stepped forward about 3 m
  • Annoying view of the side neighbors
  • The city council’s regulations


  • Using Large Windows To Absorb More Sunlight
  • Designing 12 Levels ( 2 Units on Each Level Till 8th Floor – 2 Penthouses On The Final 4 Level )
  • Providing 18 Parking spaces on 2 Levels Just In 300 Square Meters Land Area With 10 Meters Width


  • Designing 140 Sq Meters And 120 Sq Meters Units on Each Level
  • Defining Private Semi-private And Public Zones on Each Unit


  • Eliminate Disturbing Views To The Project
  • Dividing The Project Horizontally
  • Solving The Final Level Step-forwarding
  • Adding Double Height And Green Zones To Improve The Project’s Atmosphere
  • Adding Sunshades To Decrease The Risk Of Getting Moisturized By Rain

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