Sepehr Yasini


The land was about 4.6 hectares and located on the northern side of provincial government of Golestan
province. The Golestan provincial government had distance limitation and in the radios of 100m no residential building had to exist. The client needed 500 units and also they wanted to find ways to reduce the expenses of the construction process and on the other hand find some other ways to break the maintenance cost. The land was sloppy and the difference of the peak point and the lower point would be about 10m. the land was surrounded by streets from three sides.


  • 500 units apartment
  • Figuring out about the amount and the measure of units by researches
  • Following the rules and local regulations and paying attention to limits
  • All units needs parking lots
  • Providing new methods of building to reduce the cost of the construction
  • Breaking the cost of maintenance even for builder and residents
  • Total mass must not exceed of 68000 sqm



  • Found out new methods in structure, covering, mechanical system, lighting, materials, roofing and other categories to reduce the expenses of the construction process
  • Using central yards to avoid or reduce hiring security guards, gathering rain water for irrigating green zones, suggesting special plants that needs less observatory and gardening and using solar panels to provide electricity common areas use.
  • Figured out the amount and measure of unit sizes by local searching and distributing questionnaire 11115sqm one-bedroom, 20709 sqm two-bedrooms and 14976 sqm three-bedroom units
  • To reduce the cost have to use typical plans for units and designed 24
  • To avoid having an intersection among pedestrian the accesses and car accesses round the car accesses around project and provide a main pedestrian access and a plaza in the middle of the project
  • The height of the blocks would raised by going to the south to absorb more light and wind
  • Every blocks have to have lobbies and every lobbies must have an access to the main pedestrian access
  • In some blocks we decided to use linear patio between apartments to penetrate light into the center of the blocks


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